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Introducing the 4.2 oz Authentic Mexican Totonac's Vanilla from Aztec Vanilla, a compact yet powerful embodiment of Mexico's rich vanilla tradition. Perfect for home chefs and culinary enthusiasts who appreciate the essence of quality in a smaller, more manageable size, this extract brings the authentic flavors of Papantla, Veracruz, right to your kitchen.


This compact edition of Totonac's Vanilla is crafted with the same attention to detail and commitment to authenticity as our larger sizes. It's an ideal choice for those special recipes where the distinctive, aromatic flavor of genuine Mexican vanilla can make all the difference. From enhancing baked goods and desserts to adding a unique twist to savory dishes, this vanilla extract is a versatile and essential ingredient for any kitchen.


Despite its smaller size, the 4.2 oz bottle packs a punch with its concentrated flavor and aroma, ensuring that even the most modest culinary creations are infused with the unparalleled taste of Totonac's Vanilla.

Mexican Vanilla Totonac's - 4.2 oz - Dark Variant - Compact Edition

1 Fluid ounce
    • Authentic Mexican Flavor: Sourced from the vanilla-rich region of Papantla, known for its premium quality.
    • Perfect for Home Use: Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for everyday cooking and baking.
    • Rich Aroma and Taste: Adds a depth of flavor that enhances a variety of recipes.
    • Versatile Culinary Ingredient: Suitable for both sweet and savory dishes, elevating them with a touch of Mexican tradition.
    • Convenient and Practical: Easy to store and use, perfect for those who value quality in a smaller package.
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