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Introduction: The Essence of Totonac's

The Journey Begins

Nestled within the lush, vibrant heart of Jalisco, Mexico, Totonac's Vanilla emerges as a testament to purity, tradition, and the rich tapestry of a land steeped in agricultural marvels. At Totonac's, our essence is drawn from the fertile soils and the skilled hands that tend to the Vanilla planifolia orchids, crafting an extract that transcends the ordinary. It's here, in this cradle of biodiversity, that our vanilla begins its journey, embodying the spirit and flavors of Mexico in every bottle.

Totonac's Vanilla is not just an ingredient; it's a bridge to Mexico's ancient culinary heritage, a nod to the Totonac people who first cultivated vanilla and unlocked its secrets. We ensure that each drop of Totonac's Vanilla captures the essence of its origins—pure, aromatic, and authentically Mexican. This dedication to authenticity sets Totonac's apart, offering a flavor profile that is as rich and complex as the culture from which it springs.

In the competitive world of vanilla extracts, Totonac's stands out by adhering to principles that prioritize quality over quantity. Our approach not only preserves the nuanced flavors and aromatic depth of our vanilla but also supports the ecological and social fabric of our community in Jalisco.


At Totonac's, we invite you to experience the culmination of this journey with us. From the verdant fields of Jalisco to your table, our vanilla extract is a celebration of Mexican heritage, artisan craftsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of quality. Discover the difference that authentic, sustainably sourced vanilla can make in your culinary adventures. Welcome to Totonac's, where every drop tells a story of passion, tradition, and the vibrant essence of Mexico.


Our Story: Rooted in Tradition

Honoring Heritage, Embracing Tomorrow

The seed of Totonac's Vanilla was planted by Carlos Avelar Sr., whose passion for Mexican heritage led him back to Jalisco's fertile lands, home to the world’s most aromatic vanilla. Inspired by the Totonac's ancient vanilla cultivation, Carlos's vision was to share this treasure with the world, ensuring each bottle carried the essence of tradition and unmatched quality.


Embracing the artisanal methods of our ancestors, from hand-pollination to natural sun-curing, Totonac's has become synonymous with authenticity. Our process, steeped in tradition, guarantees an extract that enriches every culinary endeavor with the profound flavors of Mexico.


Now, under the ownership of his sons, Eric and Carlos Jr., the legacy of innovation and passion continues. Together, they honor their father’s dream, blending tradition with a forward-looking vision. Totonac's Vanilla stands as a tribute to our roots and a promise to our future—capturing the soul of Mexican vanilla in every drop.

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Our Values: Committed to Excellence

The Pillars of Totonac's Vanilla

At Totonac's Vanilla, our ethos is woven from threads of Quality, Innovation, Heritage, Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Resilience, Collaboration, Passion, Excellence, and Legacy. These values are not just words to us; they are the principles that guide every decision we make, every product we create, and every relationship we build.


Quality and Excellence are the cornerstones of our brand. We relentlessly pursue the highest standards in every bottle of Totonac's Vanilla, from the verdant fields of Jalisco to your kitchen. This commitment to quality ensures that our customers experience the rich, authentic flavor of Mexican vanilla in every use.

Innovation, paired with our deep respect for Heritage, drives us forward. While we cherish the traditional methods passed down through generations, we also embrace new ideas and technologies that enhance the sustainability and enjoyment of our products. This balance of old and new reflects our Passion for vanilla and our Integrity in preserving its essence.

Customer Satisfaction sits at the heart of our mission. We listen, adapt, and strive to exceed expectations, ensuring that every interaction with Totonac's Vanilla is as delightful as our flavors. Our Resilience in the face of challenges and our commitment to Collaboration—with our partners, suppliers, and each other—fuels our continuous growth and improvement.

Above all, Legacy and Excellence guide our path. Inspired by the rich cultural tapestry of Mexico and the pioneering spirit of our forebears, we seek to leave a lasting impact on the world of culinary arts. Totonac's Vanilla is more than a product; it's a heritage brand built on a foundation of shared values and a collective dedication to excellence.


Together, these values shape the essence of Totonac's Vanilla. They inspire us to bring the best of Jalisco to the world, ensuring that with each bottle of Totonac's, you're not just tasting vanilla—you're experiencing a legacy of passion, quality, and excellence.

Meet the Team: The People Behind Totonac's

Crafting Excellence Together

At the core of Totonac's Vanilla's success are the people who bring their passion, expertise, and dedication to work every day. Led by the Avelar family, our team is a diverse group of individuals committed to continuing Carlos Avelar's legacy through excellence in every bottle of vanilla extract we produce.

Carlos Avelar Jr. - Operations and Supplier Relations

Carlos Jr. steers the operational helm of Totonac's Vanilla, ensuring that from the moment an order is placed until it's fulfilled, excellence is non-negotiable. His daily communications with our trusted supplier in Jalisco are vital, guaranteeing that the quality of our vanilla extract remains unparalleled. Carlos's dedication to the operational intricacies of our business is a testament to his commitment to our father's legacy and the satisfaction of our customers.

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Eric Avelar - Digital Presence and Market Expansion

Eric's domain lies in the digital world, where he meticulously manages our website, oversees marketplace strategies, and spearheads our digital marketing and SEO efforts. His expertise ensures Totonac's Vanilla shines online, reaching culinary enthusiasts worldwide. Eric's work not only extends our digital footprint but also educates and engages our community about the richness of Mexican vanilla.

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Why Totonac's: Our Promise to You

Excellence, Sustainability, Legacy

In a world where authenticity and quality are often compromised, Totonac's Vanilla stands out as a beacon of integrity and excellence. Our commitment to you, our valued customers, extends beyond merely providing a product. Here's why choosing Totonac's Vanilla is a decision you can feel proud of:


Unrivaled Quality
Every bottle of Totonac's Vanilla Extract is a masterpiece of flavor and aroma, born from the fertile lands of Jalisco, Mexico. Our rigorous selection process ensures only the finest vanilla beans are used, resulting in a pure, potent extract that elevates any culinary creation.


Family Legacy and Passion
Totonac's is not just a brand; it's a family legacy carried forward with passion and dedication. The care we put into our vanilla extract is a tribute to our roots and a commitment to excellence. We're not just selling vanilla; we're sharing a piece of our heritage with you.


Innovation and Excellence
While we are rooted in tradition, we are also forward-thinking, constantly exploring innovative ways to improve our product and practices. Our dedication to excellence means we are continually striving to offer you the best vanilla extract on the market.


Our Promise to You
Choosing Totonac's Vanilla means choosing a product crafted with care, respect, and a deep commitment to quality. We promise to always uphold these values, ensuring that every drop of Totonac's Vanilla you enjoy is a testament to our dedication to excellence, sustainability, and the rich heritage of Mexican vanilla.

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