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Indulge in the time-honored excellence of Aztec Vanilla's 16.6 oz Traditional Mexican Vanilla - Totonac's Finest. This exquisite vanilla extract, sourced from the heart of Mexico's vanilla-rich regions, represents the pinnacle of traditional vanilla craftsmanship.


Each bottle captures the essence of the Totonac legacy, a community celebrated for cultivating the world's most aromatic and flavorful vanilla. Our Traditional Mexican Vanilla is a tribute to these age-old methods, delivering a rich and authentic vanilla experience that's deeply rooted in Mexican heritage.


Perfect for a wide array of culinary applications, from classic baked goods to innovative sweet and savory creations, this vanilla extract brings not just flavor, but a story to every dish. Its versatile nature makes it a cherished ingredient in kitchens worldwide, where it's appreciated for its depth of flavor and aromatic profile.

Mexican Vanilla Totonac's - 16.9 oz - Clear Variant - Pure Essence

$11.99 Regular Price
$11.39Sale Price
1 Fluid ounce
    • Rich Totonac Heritage: Crafted following the traditional methods of the Totonac community, known for their superior vanilla.
    • Versatile Flavor: Ideal for enhancing both classic and modern recipes with its full-bodied vanilla taste.
    • Authentic Mexican Origin: Directly sourced from Mexico's renowned vanilla-growing regions for unmatched quality.
    • Perfect for Culinary Enthusiasts: A must-have in any kitchen, from professional settings to home baking ventures.
    • Convenient Size: The 16.6 oz bottle offers ample vanilla extract for numerous recipes, ensuring lasting flavor.
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